Realization of Human Solidarity to Address Global Challenges and Crises

Speech of Dr. Osama Mohammad Al-Abd

At the conference entitled "From Interreligious and InterCivilizational Cooperation to Human Solidarity" to be held in Vienna, Austria on June 19, 2019

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Ladies and Gentlemen


It is my pleasure to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to His Eminence Sheikh-El-Islam Allahshukur Pashazade, Head of the Caucasus Muslims Office, for his kind invitation to participate in this conference, and to the figures of the world's traditional religions participating in this conference, politicians, sociologists, representatives of international organizations, diplomats, parliamentarians and representatives of the Governments of Azerbaijan and Austria. Let me also extend my sincere thanks to the organizers of this important conference at Baku International Center of Interreligious and Inter-Civilizational Cooperation, as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan, and King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue, KAICIID. There is no doubt that the values and principles of the divine religions play a major role in the development, design and implementation of the plans and elements of social protection initiatives seeking to achieve human solidarity for the provision of a decent life for all mankind. 2 Nowadays, many societies suffer from waves of fear and hunger due to the bloody conflicts that many regions of the world are witnessing. This matter drives those interested in human affairs among governments, security agencies, religious institutions and political parties to embark on hard work and systematic thinking to create a system that achieves social security and realizes the human solidarity in all its dimensions, so as to provide a decent life for all human beings. Hence, the social security system should endeavor to achieve solidarity among all human beings through the realization of human security against dangers, wars and crises, and through monetary security against monopolies and thefts, as well as through the provision of a solidarity umbrella for social protection to confront the factors of economic sabotage and the fight against unemployment rampant in many states. For the time being, social security becomes the greatest concern in the lives of peoples and societies to achieve solidarity and to provide a decent life for all humanity. Among the great moralities that achieve societal happiness, we find the morality of creating cooperation, solidarity and cohesion among the societies worldwide. It is one of the most important foundations of success, cultural excellence, protection of human rights and universal human brotherhood. We have to activate the aims and objectives of the World Day of Human Solidarity, for which a world solidarity fund, under the name of UN Program Trust Fund was established in 2006. The increasing proportions of abject poverty witnessed worldwide are not due to the drought of the earth, the lack of livelihood and the infertility of resources, but they are due to the non-abidance of the divine teachings of the heavenly religions that call for true solidarity and effective cooperation. Therefore, in order to achieve 3 solidarity, the international community must assist or be assisted to achieve justice and moderation, and the rich states should extend help to the poor ones at times of calamities and disasters instead of getting rid of their surplus in spite of the need of mankind thereof. It is time to say enough is enough and to stop war, destruction and devastation. Although human freedom and dignity are the foundation of solidarity and cohesion among human societies, they are the true realization of human rights advocated by all societies, institutions, international organizations and world forums; yet they remain to be a form without content. How can human rights be realized with the reality of two World Wars that have claimed the lives of millions of humans and how would human rights be compatible with a world that lives on the edge of an abyss, under the threat of nuclear weapons, which would destroy all humanity. Whereas a little of what is spent on these weapons will be enough to maintain worldwide prosperity, peace and security. On the other hand, how would human rights be achieved under those statistics declaring millions who die out of starvation every year. O world; spread peace, love, and affection, hold dialogue, maintain cooperation and solidarity because this is the core of human fraternity and instead of spending on wars spend on saving lives and achieving peace and harmony among people. Solidarity derives its bases from religious teachings, international charters and laws, all of which are human values that guarantee the stability and progress of societies. Security is a basic need for the continuation of life, urbanization of earth on which God Has placed the sons of Adam as His successors. Insecurity leads to anxiety and fear, precludes the 4 realization of stability and construction and leads to the breakdown of societies. Solidarity among all human beings is of paramount importance to the achievement of common good, while the lack of solidarity results in diminished enthusiasm and demotivation. Some manifestations of cooperation and solidarity among the countries of the world: 1. Solidarity for the fight against extremism and terrorism and whoever finances this blind thought, which has no religion or homeland and has affected all countries around the world. 2. Providing help and assistance to vulnerable groups such as the poor, the needy and people with special needs. 3. Providing material and moral support for different humanitarian issues such as natural disasters and those resulting from political conditions. 4. Providing material and moral support for just national issues such as the issue of refugees and the confiscation of Palestinian land. 5. Addressing just and pressing issues in the world and enforcing relevant resolutions as well as restoring people’s rights. Ladies and Gentlemen The pursuit of human happiness in this world and in the hereafter, is the goal of Islamic religion. This results in promoting security and peace in human societies. Thus, religion should ultimately serve religious purposes not personal whims or gains. Islam has sought to protect the five necessities for the human being, which are religion, life, mind, honor and property, and 5 advocates solidarity, helping one another in righteousness and piety and avoiding conflict and division. This Conference is an attempt to realize unity and solidarity in the world with the aim of achieving the high principles of justice, peace, security and safety. It is time for the world to realize its need for solidarity and integration instead of wars and destruction. The unity of the origins of humanity is stated in the Holy Quran: "O mankind be careful of your duty to your Lord who created you from a single being and created its mate and spread from these two, many men and women”, as well as "O mankind, we have created you of a male and a female, and made you nations and tribes that you may know each other". In addition to what Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said: (you are all Adam's offspring and Adam was created from clay). In view of all the foregoing, solidarity and coordination among the peoples of the world should be realized for the happiness and welfare of humankind. Prof. Dr. Osama Al-Abd Member of the Egyptian House of Representatives Chairman of the Religious Affairs and Wakfs Committee Secretary-General of the Islamic Universities League